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Relaxed space designed by Fathers Network Scotland specifically for busy professionals like you to gain inspiration, share expertise and access essential knowledge and resources.

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Make new connections with a diverse, friendly community of professionals and researchers working in health, education, social care and criminal justice across Scotland and beyond.

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Dads & the difference they can make to children’s lives.

Common barriers dads face engaging with their children and family services

How to include and support dads 
and the families you work with.

And access an extensive digital library of research, fact sheets, case studies, guides, resources and a whole series of videos including all our talks, to help you make your services more dad-friendly.

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Practitioner working with dads and families in your local community
Manager striving to be more father-friendly and inclusive
Health professional working with families during the first 1,000 days
Teacher or educator working with children in the early years, primary or secondary school
Researcher or student looking for information or support
Policy-maker seeking consultation on parenting practices for dads as well as mums.

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